I Blinked and It Was Over

Fleeting moments, by the time you realise they are happening, they're gone.

Quick snap blink bye.

Feelings are repetitions of memories built on top of each other.

Wearing vintage clothes that someone else had their first kiss in, fell in love in, cried in, laughed in, danced in, spun around in, hit the ground hard in.

You're carrying on an unknown legacy.

How do we savour the sweet smell of the ocean on that sunday morning?

Building blocks, one by one, we are one step closer to finishing.

Finishing what?

The page, the chapter, the book.

Stop, smell, touch, see it, feel it cause in a blink it's over.

But the sun will set again tomorrow, a different sun to yesterday.

A sun filtered by the seconds of bliss, pain and more fleeting moments that you wished you could have caught and put in your pocket.  

Follow the team:

Filmmaker and Director  - Tessa Rose  - @tessaroserose

Model - Olivia Engelbracht  - @oliviaenglhrdt

Music and Edit - Edd Greg - @eddgreg

Stylist - Sarah Byram - @sehpeh

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